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Sonic Colors trailer.

May 27, 2010

In the Sonic 4 post i wondered why sega was trying to revive the franchise once more. Turns out, they really are not bothering at all, Sonic 4 is not being made by sonic team, Dimps Corporation, better known for doing everything from the Sonic Advance games, co-developing Street Fighter IV and doing a ton of barely average games based on anime franchises are the ones doing the job here. The question then is, what is sonic team doing these days? The answer you will findt it in that video. Warning: not a positive answer at all.

Also, don’t read the youtube comments, it’s depressing to say the least.


Sonic 4 new trailer.

May 21, 2010

You know, at this point i can’t help to wonder “why bother sega?” Why bother doing something for a franchise that has been degraded so much? Sonic is the poochie of video games, a corporate mascot invented for the sole purpose of looking “cool” to the kids. It has spawned an infamous fanbase, and has done nothing but drag down the mud both the character and the company. You could also safely say that the original Sonic games for the genesis, while good, are still far from what a truly good plataformer should be. That the few old school fans that still care for Sonic do so out of pure nostalgia and nothing more.

So, why sega? Why? Hey, maybe the game do ends up being, if not mind blowing at least decent, i mean, what could it go wrong? I see no stupid gimmicks so far, no “story lines” chock-full of furrie fan fiction. Maybe Sega has learned from their mistakes, maybe Sega can change.