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Parasite Eve The 3d Birthday trailer.

June 16, 2010

Well, finally something good coming out of the cirque du soli- err i mean, e3 thing. While i still have some doubts about the gameplay i’m hoping it retains the rpg elements. Yoko Shimomura is also back in the soundtrack area as far as i know. Good times.


This e3 is missing something.

June 15, 2010

You know, watching the recent e3 and the slow but safe collapse of the video game industry, drowned by a wave of useless and pointless gimmicks, i can’t help but remember better times. Better times in…2008, well, not exactly better times per se, but maybe happier times. Two years ago nintendo announced wii music, to the joy of soccer moms and midi-obsessed people everywhere in the world. In that e3 nintendo decided to show their new product in a very exciting way, no cirque soliel or any of that bullshit. Nintendo had something better:

Just like that, a smile was put into everyones face. Watch and learn microsoft.

Actually, microsoft is not doing bad this year either: