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Mexican “journalists” crying about twitter.

May 1, 2010

Context: All the people you see in the video, with maybe the exception of one, are “journalists” working for grupo televisa, the biggest most power-hungry television monopoly in latin america. Having even their very own tailor-made law that allows them to control the national airwaves at will, heavily restricting the access to any other company trying to open a tv channel on mexican television.

Anyway, on twitter a rumor started to spread that Joaquin Lopez Doriga (super old guy in the video with glasses) was being fired from televisa, this was obviously not true. Well, this trivial and harmless rumor got televisa and their goons up in arms. They don’t like seeing themselves being criticized on the internet, and they would just looooove to be able to control this in some way shape or form. Obviously this is pure whishfull thinking, and unless Mexico becomes another China or North Korea this is just never going to happen. In this video Lopez Doriga and friends cry about “perverse people” controlling the internet, and how the goverment needs to get involved somehow and control this “madness”. Translation ahead:

“Lopez Doriga: The challenge is recovering spaces from crime, not just a challenge for the goverment, but for society too. It’s more effective the action of the people here than from the goverment. Recovering the cyber-space, which seems to be in hands of the organized crime, and perverse people. All this noting the importance of the instrument, and how it works when it has to work. This doesn’t mean that everything in the web is good or bad, there just happens to be a lot of garbage..

Other guy: So, the goverment needs to have a presence…

Other guy: The goverments!