Feliz cinco de mayo!

I hope you are ready to party hard gringos, because we are.

Edit note: Fox is hunting down all the trailers in youtube it seems. Maybe they want to kill the movie just like they did with Idiocracy. So here goes another mirror, you can’t stop machete gringos!


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4 Responses to “Feliz cinco de mayo!”

  1. ECM Says:

    “Deporting them back to their own personal Hells”??

    Is Mexico now the labyrinth from Hellraiser 2??

  2. Around the Sidebar in 120 Seconds « Waxing Erratic Says:

    […] The Wanderer posts up the first (?) trailer for Robert Rodgriguez’s (native of Austin, TX) Machete, starring Danny Trejo, perhaps the ugliest man alive. (I’m not even saying that to be […]

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