The hollywood machinery eating itself.

Commando getting a reboot

That’s right, the 80s actioner Commando, a vehicle for Arnold, featuring some of the most memorable one liners of the genre, might get a reboot. Yes, a “reboot”, hollywood’s new fancy word for “we are still rehashing stuff and we don’t care” method of movie making.

I can see some people claiming this is nothing new, that hollywood has always been like that. Yes, rehashing stuff is not new, but answer me this, which movies were been “rebooted” or remade in the 70s? 60s? 50s? The argument just ends up being a poor excuse to cover the recycling machine that is hollywood today. Hollywood, one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world, exporting their product to almost every corner of the earth. This same machinery thinks it’s ok to make a “reboot” of Commando, and the sad thing will be that a lot of people think is ok to go and pay to see it. The karaoke analogy in that article sums it up quite well i think. It’s like as time passes by each generation just comes and devours the previous one, and so on.



3 Responses to “The hollywood machinery eating itself.”

  1. ECM Says:

    I’d still pay to see a remake of A Trip to the Moon XD

  2. Justinzero Says:

    If a guy gets his head chopped in half by a circular saw blade, I’ll be happy.

  3. ECM Says:


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