Games you should be playing right now: Deadly Premonition.

Looks about as average as it gets, right? A survival horror, a genre pretty much dying this generation. The game is clearly inspired by Twin Peaks, it has Resident Evil 4/5 type of gameplay and other elements from other games out there. Nothing special so far, but then we get something like this:

Got your attention? Is this a satire of the many gimmicks of the current console generation? A honest attempt at milking them? The game has got very extreme reviews, everything from a 10 to a 2 from ign (geez, ign giving bad ratings to offbeat games? NO WAY!) The game is out for the 360, only 20 bucks, and it’s suppose to come for the PS3 later this year. Intrigued? I am for sure, and yes, just by watching that video i know i must play this ASAP. I mean, just listen that song, i can’t get it out of my head.


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3 Responses to “Games you should be playing right now: Deadly Premonition.”

  1. ECM Says:

    IGN would *never* give an off-beat game a bad review, I mean just look at how they treated God Hand! Wait, what? They did? Oh…never mind.

  2. searingscarlet Says:

    @ECM Now I have to ask. Should I google for what IGN did to my Godhand?

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