Splatterhouse new trailer.

Leaving aside that the character design still bothers me (why they had to make him look like Hulk?) this new trailer just looks…well, not particulary interesting. From the God of War type of gameplay to the “shinny” graphics, that pretty much kill the horror atmosphere for me, i have to wonder if this remake/revival really has a reason to exist at all. Will the new generations care at all about this franchise? I would rather have a translated release of the “chibi” famicom game that was released only in Japan.


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2 Responses to “Splatterhouse new trailer.”

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  2. Justinzero Says:


    It looks like a Halloween skin for God of War 3. I read that a buttload of the older games will be included in the new game’s release though. Once the price drops, and depending on how the game turns out, I may pick up a price-dropped release.

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