Here we go again…

It’s just innevitable that this debate will keep poping out from time to time. At the core of this debate both sides, the pro-game is art crowd and the games-are-not-art side are both aiming at a very noble and worthwile goal, i just think they’re doing it with the wrong approach.

Several people on the gaming crowd just want videogames to be a respected form of entertainment, and that is already becoming a reality. Considering the sucess of the wii console with non-gaming crowds (to different degrees of course) and the ammount of space videogame related stuff takes in the media it’s safe to say that videogames are at their peak of popularity as a form of entertainment. They can just go higher right now. Is just that asking right now for videogames to be put in the same area as other forms of expression is just, i would say, rather pointless. You can’t just demand for something to become relevant right there at the moment, it should be a natural process, in case it actually happens, not something forced upon.

It’s a semantics issue, and maybe both groups are missing the point there. In the same way, as much as many forms of expression might share several elements, that doesn’t mean a movie is the same thing as a book, a book the same thing as a movie and so on. Each format has a unique way of doing things, and trying to make one mimic the others seems rather silly. That’s why i find quite dissapointing seeing many games these days being so desperate to be movies, to be considered “interactive movies” as some would say. Videogames operate on a different level, and should be approached with that in mind, by both the makers and the audience. There’s also the fact that some audiences will never be into videogames, and that’s perfectly fine, that’s another thing i wish more videogame companies would get in their skulls: you can’t please everybody, no matter how hard you try.

That’s the other thing about this whole debate, these two sides already made their mind about what they believe, there’s really no point in trying to convince one or the other about anything at all. Each thing has a time and place to exist, and a context to work with. Videogames are still shaping their identity, and trying to force them a certain label might actually do more harm than good to the cause. There’s absolutely no need for this kind of cultural war at all, to each of it’s own, let’s move on to other things.


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